Recent Publications:

'Tracking Down Primary Sources for Salvia Columbaraiae (Chia),' by
Gail Newman

'The Vanyume of the Western Mojave Desert,' by Harry M. Quinn

'Notes on Talc, Steatite, and Soapstone in the Southern California
Region,' by Harry M. Quinn
Coachella Valley Archaeological Society (CVAS)
Occasional Papers:

These are peer-reviewed papers on subjects of interest in Coachella Valley
Geology, Archaeology and Anthropology

Occasional Papers Nos. 1 & 2 • May, 2007
(Originally published 1997 & 1998)
by Harry M. Quinn and Robert C. Tyler

Observations on the Cahuilla Indians—Past and Present and
A Brief History of Water in the Coachella Valley.

Occasional Papers No. 3 • January, 2005
by Steven Estrada, Stephen O’Neill and Harry M. Quinn

Cahuilla Basketry,  Desert Cahuilla Village Site,  Mauulmii, Pocket Gopher
Coachella Valley Obsidian Sources, Wonderstone,  Palm Canyon and Santa Rosa
Mountain Slates, Olivella Swainson
Pre-ceramic Period Sites of the Coachella Valley,  Radiocarbon Chronology for the
Coachella Valley

Occasional Papers No. 4 • May, 2008
by Francis J. Johnston, John J. Eddy, Harry M. Quinn and Mariam Dahdul

Pauline Weaver and San Gorgonio Rancho, and Weaver on the Colorado, 1853 to 1861
The Cahuilla Indians: An Ethnological and Archaeological Literature Review
Occupation of the Rockhouse Valley Region, Nicolas Canyon and Old Santa Rosa Village
Glass Beads Recovered from the Historic-Period Village of Tuikiktum Hemki

Occasional Papers No. 5 - October, 2009
The Desert's Past...Student Handbook:  California Desert Archaeology Curriculum
Save the Past for the Future ~ Protect Archaeological and Historic Sites
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