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Coachella Valley Archaeological Society (CVAS)
                                   LAST MEETING OF THE SEASON
    MAY 10, 2019



       Ron’s talk will focus on “Shamanistic Transformation” in the rock art imagery
of the “Great Mural” paintings found in the Sierra de San Francisco, Baja
California, Mexico.

        His presentation is compiled from 38 years of rock art research.  “There are
some compelling examples reflected in the rock art as symbolic immortality.  
Shamanistic transformation allows the Shaman to be in charge of communication
with super human powers of spirits, healing, foretelling the future and forecasting
events.  Examples in rock art of such imagery, coupled with shaman’s narrative are
powerful concepts in their own right.”  Ron Smith

       His talk will also update his research as it relates to archaeoastronomy and
ethnographic references to the rock art: and  bring forward the latest dates for the
paintings from efforts made by Mexican Archaeologist Maria de la Luz Guitierrez
Martinez, for context reference.

BA in Anthropology Cal State San Bernardino – 1984
MS in Marriage and Family Therapy MFT from Loma Linda University -1988 and
began his career in clinical practice in Redlands, Ca. as a  psychotherapist.

       His interest in Anthropology and Psychotherapy provide a foundation in
Cognitive Anthropology and Neuroscience which are his current interests as
applied to Rock Art research.

Principal Investigator 1980 – current:  Rock Art of the Sierra de San Francisco
       Baja California, Mexico.

President of American Rock Art Research Association (ARARA) 2010 – 2014
Board Member of California Rock Art Foundation (CRAF) 2015 -current