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Coachella Valley Archaeological Society (CVAS)
                             APRIL 12,  GUEST SPEAKER -

     Julie M. Harrison, M.A., has her degrees in Anthropology and Biblical
Studies.   In 2005 she was an on-site Laboratory technician for one of the
most significant digs in Los Angeles, California (LAN 62): one of her photos
was published in the final CRM Report. She is currently a California Site
Steward, for RIV 1383 and volunteers on projects for the BLM, Fisheries
Resource Volunteer Corps, and patrols Deep Creek.

     Julie is a Lifetime member of CVAS, where she held the office of
Secretary in 1997, and has presented papers at CVAS and the SCA.

      Born in California, she moved with her family to Rhodesia, Africa, at the
age of four.  Her father was a minister and a pilot, who flew the missionaries
to several clinics, where medicine was administered and he helped to
establish churches. The roads were not safe due to the civil war which was
warming up in 1972 and carried on till April 1980. Her family spent 1972-1977
in the tribal trust lands; and from late 1979 till December 1981, in the capital
city. Her father continued to fly out into the bush on a daily basis.

     In January 2018, she was able to return to Zimbabwe for the first time in
thirty-eight years, and will share with us this historical safari home.  She was
able to witness the growth despite less than favorable circumstances.
She has been a missionary herself serving in Zambia, Africa, Ireland, Mexico,
and Kenya, and lived in Kenya six months as an instructor
for the Harvest

     She currently coordinates the Hospital and Visitation Ministry at her
church.  Her organization Harrison Pastoral Services has a weekly church
service at a local retirement home; also officiates  weddings, funerals, and
provides counseling and is a Fire Chaplain for the Riverside County Volunteer
Reserve Chaplains.