Coachella Valley Archaeological Society (CVAS)
        Objectives of the Society:
  • Promote the preservation and conservation of Valley cultural
   and historical resources;
  • Assist in scientific archaeological and anthropological surveys
   of the Valley and environs;
  • Aid museums, universities, public agencies, and other
   parties sharing the objectives of the Society; and
  • Foster public understanding of and appreciation for cultural
   and historical resources.  
Membership is open to anyone who shares the objectives of the Society;
for additional information, contact CVAS Secretary, Penny Tappeiner
at: 760-321-2133, or e-mail

Join CVAS - The only Archaeological Society in the Coachella Valley

Coachella Valley Archaeological Society
P.O. Box 2344
Palm Springs, CA 92263
Save the Past for the Future ~ Protect Archaeological and Historic Sites
Who we are:
The Coachella Valley Archaeological Society (CVAS) is a group of people
strongly interested in preserving the archaeological and ethnographic
history of the Valley.

                                                              REGULAR MEMBERSHIP - $25
                                                              FAMILY - $40
                                                              INSTITUTION - $50
                                                              STUDENT - $15
                                                              SPONSOR - $100
                                                              LIFETIME - $250